What are the Benefits of Staying In Bangkok Hotel Near BTS

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There are so many boutique hotel Bangkok for tourists to stay in. Bangkok has so much to offer, from a boutique hotel to a chain hotel. It is recommended for tourists to choose the hotel he or she wishes to stay. Some people enjoy staying in the city because it is very convenient whereas for some people who prefer to stay outskirt of the city to have peace and quiet.  As the rise of the internet platform, more and more business is going online to serve the needs and wants of a customer. Therefore, an individual is able to book a hotel near BTS Skytrain with a simple click of a button. When booking online, a person is able to see the review and rating of the hotel to better know which hotel to pick. Thailand Food Is a Must One of the things to do in Bangkok is visiting any Bangkok restaurant to try an authentic Thai restaurant in Bangkok. Many tourists recommended trying the famous Thailand food such as Som Tum, Tom Yam, Pad Thai, Thai Milk Tea and many more. Bangkok is the heart of Thailand, the place is filled with locals […]