Fertility Treatment In Malaysia for People Facing Infertility

If you are facing infertility and searching for help to get pregnant, there are ways to overcome infertility situation. However, infertility is a common issue among many people in the world. With the advancement of technology, people are able to get pregnant by going through fertility treatment. 

Couples who are facing infertility problems are able to visit a fertility centre Malaysia. The process of the fertility centre is by collecting healthy sperm from a donor than a place in the uterus to begin the fertilization. 

Another method practice at fertility clinic KL is taking out the eggs from women ovaries than fertilized by a sperm in the clinic. Once the formation changes into an embryo the doctor will place the embryo in the mother’s uterus. This methodology is conducted when both partners needed to participate in the formation of the baby.

infertility treatment

For some people who are facing insecurities who prefers for a specialist to conduct the procedure, there is an infertility treatment specialist to look for in Malaysia. The specialist will test whether the sperm is poor or healthy in order to conduct the fertilization. There are ways to prevent infertility such as smoking, lifestyle diet and etc. However, a specialist is much more professional in conducting the job hence it reduces the risk.

It is very common that women face fertility problems. However, men may also be the cause that women are unable to conceive the baby. Therefore, an male fertility test will be conducted by doctors to test the sperm of count of the men. There are test monitor men are able to test the sperm count.

IVF Treatment versus IUI Treatment

The process of an IVF treatment also known as In vitro fertilization is when the egg and sperm are combined in a lab. Both sperm and ovaries will be constantly monitored by the doctors. Once the formation turns into embryo it will be ready to be fertilised in the mother’s uterus. Consult with a doctor for the IVF cost as some places may vary.


IUI treatment is known as Intrauterine Insemination is to increase the amount of sperm count in the woman’s uterus. The process of having more sperm count is to ensure that the sperm will reach the women’s fallopian tube to make the formation of a baby. The specialist will generally charge a higher IUI cost.

Doctors will conduct an methodology of egg freezing which is to preserve the egg for fertilising the baby in a later date. The egg is being stored and preserved under a cold temperature in the lab. However, the monitoring and resources use to store egg will lead to an egg freezing cost.

The Fertility Solution for Couples

The problem may arise when women face a polycystic ovarian syndrome in which the women are unable to produce the egg from the uterus. If a woman faces and prolong menstruation cycle it could lead to PCOS problems.


Sometimes it could lead to a men’s low sperm count hence a sperm test will be conducted. Men need to generate a substantial amount of sperm so that it can reach the women’s fallopian tube. Conducting this test will lead the doctor to charge a sperm test cost.

Endometriosis is when women find the uterus areas to be rather painful. The uterus tissue will be disorder as it grows on the outer layer of the uterus. A woman is able to go for a check-up with an endometriosis specialist in Malaysia.