The Reasons That Why You Need To Buy Jewellery Online Malaysia

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The days of buying jewellery have passed, spending hours at the jewellery store to see the limited stock. Today, the Internet has completely changed the way you shop, making it as simple as dots and clicks. Jewellery online has begun to become the first choice for people because people can enjoy many advantages and benefits.

925 silver necklace malaysia

A simple keyword search for “jewellery” in the search engine will give you more than 50 options. Some of the time, with overwhelming information and choices, it is not easier for people to choose which is the best shop to purchase a necklace online. If you are considering either shopping for a necklace for women online or visit the jewellery store, then here are the reasons why you should consider purchase jewellery online.


Most of the time when people shop for the jewellery they will prefer to go to the jewellery store instead of buying online. But, the generation has changed, people are starting to trust the internet. Not only the convenience it brings but also the high secured also bring a lot of attention towards a younger generation.

A younger generation will prefer to make their purchase through bracelet Malaysia online, and some of the time the online vendors will also give promotions or discounts online for some specific occasion.

Online sellers save retail store expenses, electricity bills and also the salesperson’s wages, which bring more ability to them give a price-marking down when compared with physical stores.

They will offer a lot of charm bracelets together with some attractive incentives, such as free shipping, gift-wrapping, or even give some extra gifts to the buyer if they purchase some certain amount items.


Without any doubt, the advancement of the internet has brought a lot of change to the jewellery seller. Not only benefit the seller but also give more convenience to the buyer. Needless to say, you will save you time when shopping online. You are at your convenience, whether at home, work or moving. Whenever and wherever you want. You have more options for fashion jewellery to choose from.

Some of the time,  you can even let your idea into custom design jewellery. There is no pressure on the sales staff, so you are free to choose which minimalist jewellery your best fit.

More payment gateway

Buy jewellery online will let you have more options to make your payment. Online jeweller usually will offer a variety of payment offers to the buyer, and these are included, debit cards, credit cards, pay-pal, or mobile payments. All of these alternatives make it easier for a buyer to choose which is the payment method that best suits at their convenience.

necklace online malaysia

Trusted quality

When you are planning to buy jewellery online, you will get sufficient information through online purchases. A lot of reviews and ratings on purchases gold bracelets for women you can get either through the review blog or the testimonial of the purchaser.

bracelet for women malaysia

Rather than just rely on the salesperson, friends, or relative, you also can get some of the expert knowledge from some expertise about the 925 silver necklace Malaysia. From all the information you get from the expert, you will able to test the authenticity of the jewellery you will purchase whether is fulfil all the information you collected.


Make your best party during the happy hour promotion in KL

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One of the facts that need be noticed these days, vast of people are suffering from spending, the lacking of income make people will only visit a shopping mall, café, bars, and restaurants during weekends because of the offer of happy hour promotion.

best happy hour in kl

This is one of the reasons that so many bars and restaurants are giving a happy hour promotion to attract more customers. Nowadays, many people are living on a tighter budget and always looking for the chance to save money, this has become the priority in these people’s lives.

If you are one of these people, then here is the important tips that you should take note and utilize when you are planning to throw out a party. Most of the time, people love to hang out, meets with friends, family or beloved one especially during some special occasion or dates.

Sometimes, enjoying the dates in a nice café at MM Grand Caffe with your significant one could be expensive to do that. If you are a student, then this spending could be tough for you. Then discover the great deals which surround you is your priority before that and this is not easy because the happy hour kl promotion usually is not advertised much, to find out that a dig deep is needed.

When you want to host a party, you need to look for the café, bar or restaurant a good location that has offered the happy hour promotion either on weekdays or weekends. To be able to do that, here is the checklist you should take note:

Explore the best deal in your town

The first thing to do is check the available great promotion that surrounds you. This is very important when you are planning to host a birthday party, seeking the best venue and liquor in Kl.

This is an important step that you couldn’t miss if you are planning to host your party at a nice café in Kl. The searching and reviewing process could be challenged, so in order to do that, the word of mouth is important. Take notice of what people saying about foods and drinks the venue you are looking for. Apart from that, seeking help from professional advice, such as event management that can give you a quick and better answer about the detail of the best deal and the venue for organizing a party.

Save more for your money

To make your birthday party during the happy hour promotion really make you save your money. The extra money that saves from that can give you a better option for the venue of your birthday party.  You can use that amount of money to choose a better party venue and cuisine for you and your friends, such as an Italian eatery in KL. You can pick the Italian restaurant near KLCC which is more located in the centre of the city that easier for your audiences to reach by taking public transport.

best happy hour kuala lumpur

With that money, you also can hire some professional photographers to capture the every moment of the party. If you have extra budget, you also can hire some professional team to help you decorate, design the theme for your party.

Go through local yellow page

If you are planning to make your party in KL, going through the local yellow pages definitely will give you some proximity idea about the party venue. You can try to look and read the review about the happy hour promotion available in some well-known blog that might helpful for you.

In the content of these yellow pages, try to pay your attention to some specific words that emphasized the best deal, such as Beast happy hour Kuala Lumpur this type of title usually is discussing a great deal.

cheapest beer in kl

Through the searching process, you will realize that most restaurants and bars usually will use the promotion to capture the customer, and will mention which is the Best Buy Malaysia happy hour in the promotion information. Most of these bars and restaurants will use the promotion to compete with each other who can offer a better and low-priced beer in Kuala Lumpur.


The Rising and Long Living Kingdom of Online Ladies Shoes Malaysia

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Why can women spend so much on shoes? Men often thought about this as they are the one that has an idea of just buying utility shoes. But shoes are just more than that, other than provide protection to your feet during walking daily, shoes also act as a fashion accessory.

pazzion malaysia

For ladies shoes shop and luxury brands have always made many efforts on motivating or inducing the customer to purchase more shoes. First of all, the success of the luxury brand nowadays is thanks to the energy spend on recognition.

As customers are drawn to brands that have familiar names, logos and slogans. Thus, business and company ought to spend more effort on building brand awareness and loyalty.

The successful business indicates that masterful brands create a value exchange that goes beyond promotions and marketing efforts.

Why Would You Still Purchase Expensive Shoes?

Research and study suggest that casual shoes for women that can have strong brand loyalty and branding can fulfill customer needs better. Thus, customers get recognition and value in return by engaging with the brand while enjoying the experience.

flat shoes malaysia

In the flat shoe industry, there are two main types of companies, the first one creates the trends, and others follow the pattern. Although you many think that trend follower is not that well, approximately 90% of the shoe brand is a follower.

Profits are made for both innovators and the brand that follow the trend and create products that fit the mould.

Having said that, the company should still spend some effort into conducting innovation in their shoe product from the aspect of research and development. For instance, adding some distinct design or using innovative materials to heels online.

It comes down to selecting a market in which the company maximize its revenue and branding potential. Whether it is offering unique luxury pumps, developing ground-breaking sneaker technology or offering trendy and fashionable styles.

Next, Pazzion Malaysia must excel in sales and promotion. Think of it yourself, how many times that you did not plan to purchase anything but the sudden sales made your hands full of the shopping bag. That is right, the sales and promotion now made by shoe brand can make you spent a lot of money for no purpose.

More Than A Pair of Shoes

Loyalty programs are another approach to engage customers and make them repeat purchase. For instance, a membership program in the luxury shoe brand often attracts customers to go back. Utilizing sales and promotion allow the luxury shoe brand like Pazzion Malaysia to have positive short term achievements.

Besides that, the aftersales service is also essential for shoe brand nowadays. As customer weight much on how the business will continue servicing them after the end of the sale.

Luxury shoe brand often welcomes their customer to go back for polishing their shoes, replacing any missing elements of the shoes or even replacing one with warranty.

As expert suggests that the most successful loyalty program focuses on providing value-added service instead of providing price discounts. Soft rewards also can be used on luxury shoe brands such as parking services or wrapping.

ladies shoes malaysia

Accessible to Purchase Just Like ABC

Easy to purchase is also one of the elements that luxury brands aim to excel at. No one would like to go through hassle just to buy a pair of shoes. Hence, you can see the development of an online store for luxury shoe brand nowadays.

All in all, the luxury shoe brand should utilize data and information to decide the most effective method for selling to their customers. Offering the best marketing tactics is crucial nowadays.


Your Next Trip Should Be Pulau Mantanani Kota Belud

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On the radar, you can find three little blips that form the Mantanani islands, stretching about 40km northwest of Kota Belud. The paradise is your quintessential alabaster-fringed tropical archipelago. Reef ringed and sitting in crystal-clear aquamarine waters.

pulau mantanani

What Is So Special of Mantanani?

On the largest Mantanani island, you can find two small villages with no roads or the growing number of resorts. The location is suitable for day-trippers from Kota Kinabalu. These people are coming here to snorkel or dive among the colorful reefs and World War II shipwrecks.

Besides that, muck diving is also known to be fantastic as well as the waters have excellent visibility up to 30 meters. Pulau Mantanani is also known as the diver paradise. As the underwater, you go for has full of mesmerizing neon-colored fish, corals, and vast garden of coral reefs.


Other than sporadic encounters with dolphins, Pulau Mantanani also provides unique experiences such as the encounter with rare underwater species. These include bump head parrotfish, moray eel, turtles and eagle ray.

For those who are a fan of underwater photography. Pulau Mantanani Kota Belud is also the go-to place. As the view is simply to die for and high visibility which makes it magnificent.

Get A Pleasant View with Some Walking

Besides that, you could also visit Atkinson Clock Tower, as it is one of the main landmarks at Mantanani island package. The tower was given the name during the colonial period, in honor of Francis George Atkinson.

mantanani island

Getting up to the tower requires tourists to walk up to a scenic hill. It offers you views over the rest of the city with the Signal Hill Observatory. Which is included in the Mantanani island package.

For water lovers, you could also take a wetland river cruise after resting at Mantanani resort. From the vantage point of water, you will be able to observe several flocks of animals coming to the river to bathe and drink.

What are the other things that you could do after visiting the Sutera at Mantanani resort? Ever heard of Kota Kinabalu? It is one of the world-famous attractions resides in Sabah. It is a sacred mountain as thousands of hill climbers come here for the attempt.

There are a long list of activities to-do in KK. The mountain has a very well-diverse ecosystem, which allows you to see gorgeous flora and fauna in Malaysia.

Kota Kinabalu is also known as the UNESCO World Heritage Site. And the best island in Kota Kinabalu, the trek to the summit grants you some of the most breathtaking views over the rest of Sabah you could get in your life.

Visit the Aquarium

For those who don’t want to wet themselves to have a look at the aquatic life on Mantanani Island. You can visit the green aquarium. It has a collection of some most colorful marine species in Sabah as it is one of the things to do in KK.

pulau mantanani package

This place is also great for a family visit. As it has many interactive exhibits such as a touch tank where families of big and small can get close with all manner of creatures. Remember that it is the best island in Kota Kinabalu.

All in all, Mantanani Island is a great place for divers and nature lovers, make sure to book your tickets early to secure your next vacation.


Benefits of Consuming Alcohol at Fine Dining Restaurant in KL

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Italy, a country provides not only breathtaking scenery, culture but also gastronomical delights. There are possible hundreds of cuisines in the fine dining in Kuala Lumpur which belong to the Mediterranean age and land.

Italian food is usually dishing that people find it to be more substantial in the palate, for instance, savoury and sweet. These foods often go well with alcohol which you can find a rooftop bar in KL.

candle light dinner in kl

Not everyone could afford to travel to Italy to enjoy the great food and culture there. With that being said, there is still a lot of great Italian restaurant in Malaysia, especially those that located at the rooftop restaurant, to fulfil your tummy.

Also, don’t think that you can finish it yourself as food is meant to be shared. When ordering during your visit to the pub near KLCC, remember to find at least two people to share it with you. The dish is flavorful enough for you to savour it by itself.

Want to Organize A Special Event?

If you want your cocktail bar to be Italian style, there is also a three-course menu that does so. Just search it online, and you will find many restaurants providing great ambience to serve these foods.

kl happy hour

Interestingly, many restaurant dinners also turn their restaurant into a happy hour in KL. If you are planning to organize a party that comes with great food. You can get this restaurant prepared for you at a different price point.

The best time to feast yourself, whether with a colleague after work or with your significant other is during happy hour promotion. Alcohol has always weighed heavily in many people hearts, some may call it a conversation opener or some use it for hindering their emotion. Consuming ample amount of alcohol may not be beneficial to your body.

Nonetheless, a moderate level of alcohol consumption at the best place for candle light dinner is suggested. As it still has substantial health benefits made to our body.

The Best Place to Win Someone Heart

Having your next candlelight dinner at an Italian theme restaurant? Here are some of the benefits of consuming alcohol during your next date.

First and foremost, drinking alcohol at romantic dining allows you to lower your risk of getting cardiovascular disease.

Having a luxury romantic dinner at Marini’s 57 may sound crazy to you, but there are actually studies conducted that prove that a moderate amount of alcohol can produce good cholesterol in your body.

fine dining kuala lumpur

As alcohol raises the level of lipoprotein, it also increases better sensitivity around you to insulin. Thus, drinking can influence blood clotting and preventing heart disease.

With all of that being said, people still have to keep in mind that alcohol consumption should not be exceeded over the moderate level. You should definitely visit the Italian restaurant Kuala Lumpur to savour yourself.

Italian Delicacies with A View

The drinking party nightlife in KL may sound funny, but consuming drinks can actually lengthen your life. People who drink occasionally have a few years of live longer than those who don’t. So what is the exact amount that justifies sometimes? Probably between two cups per day will do good to your body. Visit our website now!

italian restaurant in klcc

One of the most famous event space KL which highlight alcohol and wine, people who adopt to the diet actually lives longer than average.

Other than pizzas and pasta, which you can easily find nowadays during happy hour promotion. Read this article to understand more about the different types of traditional Italian dishes you can try out.


Why Do People Order Online Food Delivery in Singapore

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Convenience. Many people take advantage of ordering from the best food delivery in Singapore because it is convenient for them. A person is able to order food using the online platform at any time and anywhere. With technology today, customers are able to pay through the FPX payment method. 

Many food businesses are partnering up with food delivery Service companies because many people have demand for the service. The benefits of food orders online are that lesser vehicle on the road which means it is able to save the environment. Moreover, delivery service companies are informing people to use the service by giving good deals for first-time customers.

Most of the current generation both ladies and gentleman are working compared to last time hence this market group have lesser time to cook after work. Therefore, the delivery service is able to satisfy the market needs.

Ordering Pizza Only Is So Easy

Remember hearing the catchy pizza advertisement advertising the phone number? Back then customers used to order pizza through a phone call. With the advancement of technology, the customer is able to online order pizza. 

pizza takeaway menu

The benefits of ordering pizza online are that customers are able to see the menu when ordering and pay using credit transaction. Moreover, customers are able to receive great deals when ordering online.

Tips on Getting Pizza Faster

One of the tips to receive a pizza faster for its freshness is searching for takeaway pizza near me. This has lesser transportation time to deliver and customers are able to enjoy your all-time favourite pizza. Visit our website for more info!

However, pizza home delivery ensures that the pizza will deliver to the customer within 30 minutes. If customers receive a pizza later than 30 minutes he or she will be able to receive a free pizza when the next purchase. 

Dine-In At Pizza Restaurants

There is a pizza restaurant available for customers to dine-in. Some customers prefer to dine-in at a pizza restaurant because to simply enjoy the air-conditioning and the environment. Some customers host birthday parties at the pizza restaurants. 

menu pizza

Therefore, customers are still able to find on the internet by key in a pizza restaurant near me. However, the Domino’s Pizza shop has downsized the restaurant as most of the customer order from delivery service.

The Most Favourite Pizza from Customers

According to many pizza companies, the best-selling pizza is pepperoni pizza. Customers enjoy the great taste of salomi meat as well as the cheese toppings. The flavour of the pizza is just simply amazing. 

However, customers enjoy ordering the thin-crust to enjoy the crunchiness and the flavour of the crust. Some customers said that ordering thin-crust is the best pizza combination. One the nicest dish to go with the pizza is the breadsticks and the barbeque chicken.

delivery pizza

Food Delivery Service Business Is Increasing

According to pizza delivery in Singapore, many people are ordering online because is cheaper and faster. Therefore, it is beneficial to customers because is time-saving. Customers do not need to travel and waste time finding parking. This is also environmental friendly when customers order from the online platform.

However, some customer order express delivery service because is much faster and the food is fresher. Therefore, one of the tricks is to look for delivery food near me to enjoy faster time delivery and the freshness from the food.


Advantages Of Online Order Pizza Service Malaysia You Should Know

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These days, online food delivery near me has become very popular in the eatery business market. Many restaurant owners are starting to add in the food order online service into their business.

menu pizza

The demand continues to grow as most of the Millenials prefer to choose online order pizza. A lot of local or national pizza chain-restaurants has participated in pizza home delivery by partnering with delivery companies. When people argued about the pizza delivery Malaysia or Singapore, which one is better, the answer is mostly the same, pizza delivery service for both countries has some similar aspects.

There is a lot of advantages of pizza home delivery for the buyer, and the most important benefit is you can get your favorite pizza whenever or whatever you want. Other than that,  here are a few major advantages delivered by online order pizza service.

Wide range of choice

The online order pizza services usually will provide a variety of pizza options to users. Pizza home delivery delivers you with a wide range of popular options, such as Margherita pizza, BBQ chicken pizza, Hawaiian pizza, mushroom pizza, and also Pepperoni pizza.


Nowadays, people prefer online pizza order service because of its simplicity and transparency. The user can decide what kind of pizza they want to order, where they make the order also depend on the preference of the user.

Some pizza restaurants even providing the service of “ takeaway pizza near me “ through their apps to the user. The user can use the apps to checking which pizza outlet is most close to their accommodation, and make an order with the outlet. Users also allowed to confirm the time with the pizza restaurant when they will make the takeaway.


You can also order your favourite pizza by sitting comfortably on your sofa while browsing the latest Netflix show and the pizza will deliver to your front door. Sound great, right? A lot of pizza chain-restaurant like Domino’s Pizza Malaysia has their own app, and the feature of  “ delivery food near me” will allow the user to make their order with their nearest outlet.

online pizza order

As the convenience of their apps, it attracts many different types of customers, not just Millennials. Parents who do not have time to cook can also use an online pizza order service to feed the whole family without opening the oven. The convenience offered by the pizza restaurant near me is the most attractive.


A food order online service usually will offer various forms of payment gateway to users. These payment forms could be through the credit card, debit card, online banking, e-mobile payment, or even cash on delivery. You can order the best pizza from the best pizza restaurant in your town with any form of payment anytime!


A lot of online food delivery service providers will give out the discount to their users. One of the reasons that most millennials will prefer using order food online service is because of the promotion. Visit our website now for more info!

online pizza

 Everyone loves a discount from a favourite restaurant, right?  The online eatery business will use this kind of strategy to attract more user and also promote their brand name. They will given the discount for their royalty user or limit the discount offer within a certain period to the user. Make your order now!


Guo Da Li Malaysia: The Distinctiveness of Chinese Wedding Ceremony

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Malaysia has been extensively known as a country with its unique community because of the various races that had been living in Malaysian since the Independence Day.

It is not something odd or new to see individuals from numerous races and background hang out with each other peacefully.

The range in society has made each of social presence in Malaysia to be distinctive including Chinese Traditional Wedding.

The prep work of the standard Chinese wedding along with the Chinese wedding shop Malaysia is crucial and likewise is thought about merely is among the big day of both family members of the groom and bride-to-be.

This method is furthermore called the Guo Da Li Malaysia where the bride-to-be’s relative will obtain the presents and likewise food things from the groom’s family.

Some of the Chinese customs has been modernised and also adjusted gradually yet still lug the significance and even background of the wedding occasion customs.

1. The Offerings

According to the Chinese belief, it is typical for the bridegroom, and also his entourage concerns the new bride-to-be’s house. The bride-to-be will wait in her area by putting on the Chinese wedding dress or similarly called Qun Kwa.

Generally, the bridal gown can be leased from the Qun Kwa rental or any wedding boutique shop in Malaysia. While waiting for the groom got here, the new bride-to-be’s home will usually establish a table of offerings for the gods along with ancestors.

The regimen is satisfying of real blessing the set with a pleased along with the long marital relationship in advance.

The customs usually include burning of joss sticks as well as offerings some fruits or enjoyable handle.

2. Red Veil

The red veil can be seen in the official Chinese wedding event which brings equal significance to the white cover that put on in the western wedding event.

Then, the red veil can be received from the bridal shop in KL which commonly was suggested to symbolise the discreetness along with to cover the bride’s face.

3. Tea Ceremony

The tea event is one emphasise in the Chinese wedding where the bride will be wearing the Chinese wedding Kua to serve the tea to the elders.

The couple will undoubtedly be offering the tea to their mother and fathers and also older wedded family members such as the grandparents, uncles, aunties along with elderly relatives.

It shows as a sign of regard, love and likewise gratitude.

The set will unquestionably bow on kneeling to use them the tea in addition to existing them with an “Ang Pao” or called immediate cash money.

The pots, as well as teacups, can be found in any Chinese wedding accessories shop in Kuala Lumpur which is readily available in various design in addition to colours.

Generally, the tea additionally symbolises the security, fertility and likewise pureness.

It is purposeful minutes in Chinese wedding celebration where both members of the family are formally merged with the marital relationship of the set.

4. Loud Sounds

When the bride-to-be with its entourage reached the groom’s house, there typically will unquestionably be accompanied with the firecrackers, tunes and also the audio of gongs to celebrate their arrival.

Typically, the groom will coldly beep the horns in the procedure to the new bride-to-be’s home to expose that they prepare to put together for the brand-new bride.

The loud sounds from the tunes or firecrackers please of developing a delighted as well as the happy occasion.

The misunderstanding additionally thought that the exploding sounds of firecrackers would prevent evil spirits.