The Botanical Beauty of Chiang Mai Gardens & Best Hotel in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is a beautiful city that is located in the northern part of Thailand. This city is approximately 700 kilometres away from Bangkok. The region is fully covered with tropical trees and you can get a beautiful hotel Chiang Mai within the vegetation. The beautiful gardens also make Chiang Mai famous.

Nature-loving and internationally famous individuals like travelling to this city. We have over five million visitors who tour this region every year. However, you will never fall short of a wedding venue in Chiang Mai.

We have an excellent collection of flora that characterize the gardens in Chiang Mai. This place indeed has incredible beauty. We also have some natural forests in this city meaning you can have an adventurous trip in Chiang Mai. You can access most of these beautiful gardens even when you are staying in a hotel near the night market bazaar.

Role of these Botanical Gardens

Different botanical gardens in the region help visitors to learn about the environmental culture and history of Thailand. The main species of flowers that are found in these gardens include cacti, anthurium, succulents, bromeliads, and orchids. You will come across most of them at the reception of most hotels to stay in Chiang Mai.

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The humidity and temperature of the area are optimal which enhances the growth of the plants. As a result, more than 300 plant species are displayed in this region. These gardens also promote spiritual experience and you can spend less time in the hotel Chiang Mai and more exploring these gardens. The vegetation provides room for meditation. These meditation and prayer sessions will give your mind the refreshment and peace that it needs most.


The national tree of Thailand is Ratchaphruek and it is abundantly found in Chiang Mai. The Ratchaphruek gardens spread over 400 acres of land and are a favourite tourist destination. Most tourists like to get accommodation in Chiang Mai that is close to these gardens so that they can enjoy to the fullest.  When you visit this place, you can be sure of relaxing your mind.

Its association with International Horticulture gives A1status to the garden. The garden also plays the role of a learning and research centre. This area also has some corporate gardens. The garden is sustained using innovative techniques and ideas.

โรงแรม เชียงใหม่

The garden also has several rare plant species and you will come across pine trees that are 250 million years old. There are also unusual horticultural examples in these gardens. It displays a hydroponics model garden and explains the different gardening methods in the desert and temperate areas. The indoor gardens’ tissue culture nursery demonstrates advanced and new gardening techniques. You can enjoy the view of the garden if you choose the strategic place to stay in Chiang Mai.

Dokmai Garden

Dokmai is a botanical garden that is owned by private parties. The garden speaks so much about the fauna and Flora of Thailand. It is characterized with various species of fish, butterflies, mushrooms, and flowers. It is a garden that is located away from the town center. 

The garden is full of topiary of peacocks, dinosaurs, rabbits, camels, etc. you can use pedal boats to explore the beauty of the city. To explore the beauty of the lakes, you just need to use pedal boats. The petting zoo of the garden include several birds and animals like the cassowaries, water buffaloes, albino peacocks. Iguanas, and ostriches among others.

Queen Sirikit

This botanical garden serves as a natural habitat to so many endangered species. Thailand students will give you info about the different trees, shrubs, grasses, and flowers that are found in this region. It has a beautiful scenic beauty to help you enjoy the beauty of nature.

ทะเล บุ ฟ เฟ่ เชียงใหม่

The main attractions of the garden include the glasshouse complex, rain forest collection, aquatic house, cultural trail and nature, fern and orchid house, traditional Thai food, succulents and cacti house, waterfalls, botanical residence, and orchids. You can expose some of these mountains by staying in a hotel near night market bazaar.