What Defines 5 Star Hotels in Kuala Lumpur

In the past, there were different standards to rate hotels such as the Forbes Travel Guide, American Automobile Association, and the Canadian Automobile Association diamond ratings.

The ratings were used to indicate the quality and class of the hotel. Currently, the star rating is widely used globally including Malaysia. Many top 5-star hotels in Kuala Lumpur have to comply with a certain list of criteria before attaining this title.

Most hotels would base their ratings by paying inspectors to assess the compliance of the hotel and upon the actual visits by customers. Currently, social media and the internet provide the major means of undertaking travel research.

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If you are travelling to Malaysia, you will not fail to get the best hotel in Kuala Lumpur. It is better to go to a good place where you will get maximum comfort and security. Here are some of the things that define a 5-star hotel. You can get some of them serving international foods at InterContinental KL Hotel’s restaurant in Kuala Lumpur.

·         The Property

Your jaw has to drop as you walk into any 5-star hotel. The lobby of the hotel displays fragrant flowers, expensive artwork, and decorative furniture. The best hotels in Malaysia also have highly-rated spas with therapists who are professionally-trained, outdoor and indoor saltwater swimming pools, a state-of-the-art gym, inviting check-in facilities, and gourmet restaurants.

The great rooms also elicit similar excellence with high-end beds and beddings, an inviting lounge area with modern technology in both audio and video devices, and impeccable cleanliness. You will get the best hotel buffet in KL from these classic establishments.

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·         The Service

5-star hotels are aesthetically outstanding and their services are essentially flawless. The employees are clear, polite, and extremely well spoken. These experts are well trained to avoid fragmented and slang phrases.

They carry themselves at attention all the time and will never put hands in the pocket or even fold in front of their bodies. During hotel buffet dinner promotion, the service team will address you by your surname, if possible, and they will attend to you from beck to call. Some escorts will even give you an escort to the room unless you decline.

·         The Amenities

Most 5-star hotels will offer you two complimentary newspapers, 24-hour room service, a welcome gift, and hot food. It is a great option for the best event space for rent packages in Kuala Lumpur. You may also get premium quality snacks, especially during the lounge and bar services. The staff offer highly professional services that you will not find in an ordinary hotel.

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·         Luxury vs. 5-Star

According to industry professionals, it is better to refer to the hotel as a 5 start and not luxury. We can consider both the 4 star and 5-star hotels to be luxurious. However, the services that these two establishments offer even when you look at the wedding hotel package price.

The extra services that 5-star hotels offer include an in-room bar, room service, and 24 hours butler service and you may not get them in 4-star hotels. Therefore, using the star rating to define the hotel is more important than just using the term luxury hotel.

If you are looking for a luxurious Japanese themed restaurant in Kuala Lumpur, you can also get it at a 5-star hotel. The things that define the hotel include the price, atmosphere, service and facilities. Some hotels boast of being 5-star hotels yet they are not. Therefore, you have to confirm whether the rating is coming from the right sources to avoid disappointments.