Things to Note When Visiting Pattaya & Best Hotel in Pattaya

Pattaya is now referred to as the Murder Capital of Thailand after being a sleepy fishing village at some point. It is no wonder that you can how to get a top 5-star hotel in Pattaya. The city now attracts millions of visitors from all over the world each year.

However, there are some things that you need to take care of when visiting this city. Don’t just think of enjoying the delicious bbq seafood without paying attention to the other danger signs.

โรงแรม หรู พัทยา

·         Things to Avoid When in Pattaya

Every city has its own share of crime and Pattaya is not an exemption. However, the crime rate in Pattaya is very low in comparison to the other cities of the world. To stay safe, stick to the nearby markets, keep with groups, and stick to the big hotels like a 5-star hotel in Pattaya.

Take enough precautions as you enjoy the night scenes of Pattaya. The region has more than 1000 bars that take care of the needs of adults. Pattaya works so well for the needs of singles and couples. The city also has the best 5-star facilities hotel near the beach for all the budgets and individual needs.

Be keen not to offend the locals in any way. Don’t point your feet in the direction of other people or put them on the table. If you enter a dwelling that has the image of Buddha, put off your shoes all the time.

Don’t pass something over the head of another person or rub the head of another person including the statues of Buddha. You just have to behave well even when at the beach resort. If you are driving, stick to the rules of Pattaya so that you don’t course accidents. Be keen as you cross the roads or drive in the city.

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The locals try selling you several products and services wherever you go. If you say simple words like ‘no, thank you,’ it will get them moving on very quickly. Treat the people whom you interact with at the best resort in Pattaya in the best way possible and you will enjoy your stay.

·         Places to Avoid

Pattaya beaches can be polluted because the open sewers don’t prevent sludge from getting in. Several tourists swim in this place without being aware of water pollution. Instead, you can travel for 15 minutes to Jomtein where the beaches are cleaner.

The open sewer systems in Pattaya can course so many problems including the stench at the pools and markets, and malaria mosquitoes that pose a danger to tourists. A responsible beach resort will always warn you of these dangers beforehand.

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·         Be Keen of Club Raids

In most cases, police raid clubs in Pattaya when searching for drugs. All types of drugs are illegal in Pattaya. You can even be punished to death when holding on owning drugs. Therefore, you have to avoid drugs by all means when in Pattaya.

If you are close to those people who are using drugs, you can even be detained. Is there need to spend time in Thai Prisons for such unwarranted mistakes? The best way is to avoid such spots by all means.

·         Massage

Pattaya is one of the ‘red light’ districts and hence you will get anything that you want here. The police are also aware that you can get virtually everything here. As you walk down the street, you won’t lack a girl to explain to you the ‘Thail Massage.” However, it often implies more than that in Pattaya.

Some may try to increase the price as you go. Remember a massage is not illegal in Thailand and if someone fakes the police, there is nothing to fear. You can even get these things at one of the best family hotels in the region. Therefore, there is no need to go out of the hotel if they offer these services.

·         Getting a Tuk Tuk or Taxi

You can really have some incredible times when visiting Pattaya. The taxi and tuk-tuk services can take you to the best resort in Pattaya among other places. However, remember to play it safe when hiring these services. It is always good to do some research about the place where you wish to go.

It is just like buying the bbq seafood buffet Pattaya. You have to know what the various service providers have to offer and their respective prices. If you choose to use a taxi, always go for the one that has a meter. It is something that you always have to remember wherever you are travelling through Pattaya.